HIH Property Management (HPM) is one of the leading high-quality providers of commercial property management in Germany. Our company history dates back more than 130 years.

Our knowledge of what investors and tenants need, a reliable network of service providers and the tight-knit cooperation within the HIH Group allow us to quickly and efficiently realise both regular and complex tasks.

Depending on the task at hand, we work in interdisciplinary teams with expertise in the areas of building management, architecture, real estate management, law and IT.

We stand out thanks to the extensive specialist knowledge that enables us to systematically meet not only the requirements of the particular property, but also the challenges of the market, the industry and digitalisation.

Our assets under management of EUR 9.9 million largely comprise commercial real estate, and we are represented by 234 employees throughout Germany.

With 1st place of customer ratings in the Bell Management report 2020, we have established ourselves as a high-quality provider for commercial property management.

Institutional and Private Clients Rely on Our Long-Term Expertise – Testimonials by Selected Clients


“It has been our experience as client that the entire staff makes a dedicated effort. The exceptional commitment they show when engaging tenants and service providers on location along with their meticulous, forward-looking working methods define the trust-based collaboration between Blue Asset Management and HPM.”

"Hanns Kaltenegger, cert. economist, MRICS, Head of Asset Management Office Properties at Blue Asset Management GmbH, Munich


“Both in Berlin and in Munich, the staff respond flexibly to our requirements and make an intense effort to understand the need of the properties and to act accordingly. We very much appreciate the professionalism and expertise of the property managers assigned to us. HPM has been a highly competent and reliable partner for us.”

Maximilian Link, Assistant Portfolio Manager, Fidelity International, London


“We take advantage of an end-to-end service package of HPM to ensure the efficient management of the properties that are part of our asset management portfolio. The highly qualified team shows a high degree of motivation when addressing the multi-layered needs of property and tenants and has stood by us as a competent partner. Particularly the technical property management has repeatedly proven its worth by successfully controlling complex measures. At this time, we are already looking back on a collaboration of several years with HPM and look forward to the next joint projects.”

Jörg Kohlhaus, cert. business economist, Senior Asset Manager, Dereco Asset Management GmbH, Cologne