HIH Property Management has already launched various measures to apply the ESG criteria. These include converting our managed properties to green electricity or climate-friendly gas, using digital energy management systems (smart metering) and introducing green leases.

What is smart metering?
Smart metering is a key element of the digitisation of Germany’s meter infrastructure. The switch to corresponding smart meters enables meter levels and consumption data to be read online and assessed automatically. With the digital requirements in place, ESG-compliant reporting is possible, ultimately enabling a reduction in energy consumption.

What are “green contracts”?
HIH Property Management has added a green paragraph on sustainable use and management to its building management contract for external service providers. These clauses mainly involve a mutual declaration of intent to pay attention to the aspects of sustainable use and management, and to gear actions towards the most sustainable criteria possible.

In addition, HIH Property Management is integrating sustainability clauses into existing rental agreements and new leases. As a result, tenants declare their willingness to provide data on energy consumption, water consumption and generated waste as well as all other data that is needed to calculate the property’s carbon footprint.

In terms of labour law, HIH Property Management has also managed to integrate initial sustainability aspects into newly concluded employment contracts and staff appraisal protocols. The clauses stipulate that the employer and employee must conduct the employment relationship in line with sustainable criteria and keep consumption of energy resources as low as possible. In addition, employees undertake to bear in mind the measures and recommendations of the company’s sustainability initiatives.

A current overview of the measures, information and services can be found below.

Publications of HIH Property Management: ESG