% of properties use green electricity or climate-friendly gas


tsd tonnes of CO2 saved on average each year


green leases concluded since 2020


We are committed to being one of the most sustainable property managers in Germany. Sustainability is now a key aspect of holistic property management. We developed our own sustainability strategy early on, and are implementing it in a targeted manner in the interest of our customers and employees. We are addressing the regulatory requirements earlier than required.

An ESG team has been established at HIH Property Management to enhance and implement our sustainability strategy. Stefan Klingenberg and Felix Sasse have been working for HPM as sustainability managers since the beginning of 2021. In tandem with the HIH Group’s sustainability officers, expertise is bundled effectively and the measures are carried out in a targeted way.

Our sustainability strategy includes the following focal points:

  • reducing consumption of resources;
  • optimising resource efficiency; and
  • contributing to a positive social environment in terms of equity, governance, compliance and equal treatment.

How we can help you meet ESG requirements

The information and the legal situation regarding meeting ESG requirements in the property industry are complex. We would be happy to advise you on the key measures involved in keeping your property attractive – in a sustainable way.

Our services

  • Advice & implementation for green electricity, green gas, central waste management, smart metering, green leases, heating load recalculation and tenant surveys
  • Assistance with certifications
  • Reporting in line with GRESB requirements
  • Standard reporting, including existing sustainability parameters 

Your contact person

Portrait of Bettina Höffmann, Member of Board
Bettina Höffmann

Member of Board

T  +49 221 355546 12
E  bhoeffmann@hih-pm.de

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