Let Our Active Property Management Raise Your Optimisation Potential

Since 1888, HPM has taken care of more than 2,500 properties — both for German and for international investors. The focus is always on the actual property. More than 243 employees from a wide variety of real estate professions ensure that the assets entrusted to them are properly managed every day of the week.


What Sets HIH Property Management Apart


  • High quality standards: cited several times as best property manager*!
  • Management on location: regional footprint and excellent networks
  • Flexible reporting: your requirements take centre stage
  • Efficient processes: ensuring high quality of service and customer satisfaction
  • Know-how: specialising in the property management of office and commercial buildings
  • Satisfied clients and satisfied staff

* With 1st place of the customer ratings in the Bell Management report 2020, we have established ourselves as a high-quality provider for commercial property Management.